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Art d' Johnny

Once upon a time a bunch of crazy cats got together to create!

Johnny Depp Fan Art
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depp_fanart is a community for fan art pertaining to the magnificent Johnny Depp. Note that "art" means everything from sketches to CG to figureheads made out of clay and pipe cleaners. Post any art you've got! (At the time, however, we're not doing stories... unless you plan on illustrating them, or something of that nature. But no straightup fics. There are other places for that.) And by Johnny Depp, it can be ANYTHING... The man himself, his characters, anything.

Please be courteous to other members by using the lj-cut for all images. It's a real help to those who have to suffer the torture of dialup modems. Also, if there's a spoiler or adult image in your picture, please add a warning. "Adult images" includes, but is not limited to, nudity, sexuality, and excessive blood or gore. If you think it would be rated "R" or above, please add a warning. "Spoilers" would be anything that would give away things about movies that people may not have seen yet. Lets say, for instance, that Mr Depp did a remake of Titanic. If you drew Johnny with a captain's hat looking rather sausy and leaning against a railing, that would be peachy and wouldn't need a warning. However, if you have a picture Johnny going down with the ship, well.. that would need a warning. Savvy?

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is NO SUCH THING as bad art. And while constructive criticism is okay, please be kind to each other. No flaming, no fighting, and no throwing sticks and stones. Simple as that.

Maintainers/mods/gods/etc are cocco and forks. If you have a problem, or a question, or five hundred dollars you need to get rid of, don't hesitate to come to one of us.